Gloucester City Skittles

I have been having problems with present Website Baker site for our skittles site for quite some time and the host can't seem to fix it, so I have created a new site please note that this is a .com and not!!  the present site will still be running for a few more weeks until most teams have had a chance to change it in their favourites.


When registering new players can you please include the team name, the Division and the number your team is in the division.



Statics 2 North are looking for a sticker urgently they play at Spartans Club on a Monday contact Chris Harley on 0775 118 5079




Please send in individual or team photos to
for publication in the citizen along with the weekly results also if a player scores 90 or more take a photo with your phone and send to the above email address

Contact us by email: team@gloucestercityskittles



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