Gloucester City Skittles

Sigtels in 2 South are looking for Players Male or Female for Tuesday night at the Avenue Hotel, contact Brian Love on 07889649008

Because of some persons querying the validity of the fine  system, let me make it clear   shown below is Rule 4 pay particular attention to section C it dosen't matter if you text it, email it , post it or even put through my letter box if it does not arrive by midday a fine will be imposed!


a. The home team is completely responsible for the CORRECT COMPLETION in all aspects of the result card. Any error will result in a fine of £5.


b. A result card MUST BE SENT IN whatever the final situation of the match. In the case of un-played matches, reasons, dates and by whom the postponement or cancellation was requested (see rule 5) should be forwarded to the Divisional Secretary.



c. Result cards must be in by noon on the Tuesday following the week that the match should have been played and any missing card will be fined £5.


Places are running out for  “Front Pin Masters” competition at Robinswood Hill S.C. to be held on Thursday 27th and Saturday 29th December 2018. 

How to enter - 

Email with entrances names and £10 must be sent to 

Mark Cornwell

383, Longford Lane,


GL2 9EL 


Money must be received to confirm entry. 

Only 64 places available


I have been having problems with present Website Baker site for our skittles site for quite some time and the host can't seem to fix it, so I have created a new site please note that this is a .com and not!!  The present site will still be running for a few more weeks until most teams have had a chance to change it in their favourites.


When registering new players can you please include the team name, the Division and the number your team is in the division.







Please send in individual or team photos to
for publication in the citizen along with the weekly results also if a player scores 90 or more take a photo with your phone and send to the above email address

Contact us by email: team@gloucestercityskittles



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