Gloucester City Skittles


George Juggins of the Superconductors in Division 2 West is still playing skittles and has just turned 100 years old. Quite remarkable that George still turns out first half every week and is still in the top half of the teams avarages. The Gloucester City League commitee gate crashed the Superconductors game on Tuesday the 4th Dec at BMI social club to present George with a Silver Salver to commemorate the occasion

Please be aware in the few weeks that cards posted may not get here in time due to the Christmas post so teams can phone in their results on 07858025787.


Sigtels in 2 South are looking for Players Male or Female for Tuesday night at the Avenue Hotel, contact Brian Love on 07889649008

When registering new players can you please include the team name, the Division and the number your team is in the division.







Please send in individual or team photos to
for publication in the citizen along with the weekly results also if a player scores 90 or more take a photo with your phone and send to the above email address

Contact us by email: team@gloucestercityskittles



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