Gloucester City Skittles

It been brought to my attention that there seem to a lot of complaints of NO BALLS, this is a difficult rule to deal with unless someone is sitting on line and calls it, but that will cause bad feelings amongst the teams, if it's an obvious no ball then this has to be decided on the night between the captains, I do Sympathise with everyone on this rule, but 8 times out of ten the no ball doesn't score very well.

Beavers in 3 South are in need of some players contact Alan on 01452 532935

Sigtels in 2 South are looking for Players Male or Female for Tuesday night at the Avenue Hotel, contact Brian Love on 07889649008

Please send in individual or team photos to
for publication on the website along with the weekly results also if a player scores 90 or more take a photo with your phone and how the score was made up and send to the above email address

Contact us by email: team@gloucestercityskittles




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